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Hidden within the Pyrenees Mountains exists a land that has conserved an ancient language and culture.  The Basque Country is a historical region nestled on the border of France and Spain.  Its people are recognized as Europe’s oldest family, and their resistance to change has helped conserve their ways and traditions for centuries.  It is a region surrounded by rolling green mountains that border the jagged coastline of the Bay of Biscay.  Basque cuisine is influenced by the abundance of produce from the fertile valleys on one side and the sea on the other. It is considered by many to be the finest cuisine in Spain.  It is not a coincidence that a high concentration of award-winning chefs call the Basque Country their home. 

The New York Times

Right Side of the Tracks

My friend Raul, who is from Galicia in northern Spain, shook his head when I told him where I had previously eaten in the Ironbound section of Newark.

''A factory,'' he said disdainfully. ''I'll tell you where to go.'' Read more....

Casa Vasca Restaurant has carried on this tradition of gastronomical excellence for over 30 years.  Founded in 1976 by Basque immigrant Juan Jose Aurre, the restaurant is nestled in a quiet corner of Newark’s culturally diverse Ironbound section.  Since its inception, Casa Vasca has been well regarded by the local working class immigrants of Spain and Portugal.  Its popularity has now spilled over to guests from across the tri-state area and beyond.   Renowned for its daily soups and dishes such as Veal Basque style or Cod Fish Pil-Pil, Casa Vasca’s reputation is enhanced by the welcoming nature of Maria Gema Aurre.  Her warmth and attention to detail are sure to make any guest feel like they are dining amongst family. 


Welcome and enjoy our famous “Spanish-Basque” cuisine!

The Star-Ledger Newspaper

Basque in glory: Savory regional cuisine prepared with passion.

The cuisine of the Basque country -- in the western Pyrenees straddling northern Spain and southeastern France -- just could be the most glorious food you've never heard of. At least, not in detail unless you are a food professional or a seasoned world traveler.

Think of delicate veal scallops simmering in sweet red pepper, tomato and cognac-infused piperade sauce, or succulent lamb shanks slowly roasted

Read more.....

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